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You can substantially improve the sound from your laserdisc player or CD player with this modification, which allows you to add a digital output connector to your player and use a high quality external digital to analog converter (DAC). 

In most laserdisc and CD players, sound quality is compromised by the inexpensive internal DAC chip and analog audio output circuitry.  Unless you buy one of the more expensive players, you are forced to use the internal audio output circuitry, because the manufacturers do not include a digital output jack.  Other manufacturers include only an optical (Toslink) output connector, even though many audiophiles find that a coaxial (RCA or BNC) output sounds better. 

This modification solves these problems, and can offer you much better sound from your laserdisc player or CD player.  It enables you to inexpensively and simply add a digital output to your player if there is none, or convert your existing optical output to the preferred coaxial (RCA or BNC) output.  Now you can bypass the low quality, cheap IC's in the audio path of your player, and send the pure digital bitstream to your high quality, external DAC. 

The modifications are described in a detailed, ten page instruction manual, complete with schematics and drawings, which takes you step by step through the process.  The instructions specifically address the model '03, '04 and '05 Pioneer laser disc players, the current model Panasonic LX-H680U, and generally address other players.  The modification involves building a small circuit board with one IC (parts cost about $20), installing the board in the unit and adding a digital out RCA jack (or using an existing jack).  The instructions include part numbers from both Radio Shack and Pioneer.  The modification is S/PDIF compliant, and implements the requisite electrical isolation to protect your transport and your DAC.  The circuit and principles can be applied to most other laserdisc and CD players if you obtain pin out information (instructions included). Completing the modification takes about one evening; some experience with electronic kit building or modifying is helpful. 

This modification has been completed successfully by hobbyists all over the world.  Here are some of their comments:  

"Well worth the money."   

"I´m listening to it right now! WOW. Thank you for helping me with this and now I can recommend anyone to purchase this kit from you."  

"I did the digital output upgrade and it sounds GREAT!!!!! Thank you very much."  

"I just finished modifying my Pioneer CLD-D504 yesterday.  The mod works better than I expected; the imaging, clarity and depth of field are all better now than when using the built in DACs.  Thanks again; the instructions were very clear and straight to the point.  Now I think I will go back and enjoy." 

You have two choices for ordering: 

You can order the instructions from us, and then obtain your own components using the included parts list.  Price for instructions is $25 U.S., shipping included.  California residents add sales tax. 
You can order the instructions with the complete set of parts.   Price for complete kit is $60 U.S. for orders delivered within the United States, shipping included.  California residents add sales tax.  For orders delivered outside the United States, the price is $70 U.S., shipping included. 
Ordering the kit saves you the time and trouble of acquiring the parts yourself, a couple of which need to be special ordered by mail because they are not generally available locally via Radio Shack

 With either option, all of the following is included: 

1. Free email support. If you have a question, you can get a response. 

2. Ten pages of detailed, step-by-step instructions, including schematics, pictorials, and parts list with specific ordering instructions. 

3. Specific, detailed pin-out information on supported players: currently Pioneer '03, '04, '05 laserdisc series (and OEM models such as Yamaha and Denon); and Panasonic laserdisc players; any player with optical out.  New players being added. 

4. A money-back guarantee. 

For instructions only, send $25 U.S., money order or cashier's check. 

For complete kit (U.S. shipping address), send $60 U.S., money order or cashier's check 

For complete kit (shipping address outside U.S.), send $70 U.S., international money order or cashier's check. 

Mail order to: 
Holt Modifications 
5820 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 100 
Pleasanton, CA  94588
We will ship promptly upon receipt.  The instructions or kit are shipped via first class mail.  Instructions can be faxed if you prefer. 


Send email with any questions you may have. 
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