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High quality analog to digital converter at a reasonable price.

Convert your vinyl phono records to CD-R

Sony EP9ES owners: 
Use analog sources

Panasonic SH-AC500D Decoder and  ACKDAC

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ACKDAC TM Analog to Digital Audio Converter for Stereo and Surround Sound, and for Converting Vinyl Records to Digital

A high quality, reasonably priced, analog to digital audio converter is offered by HoltMods of Pleasanton, California, and is being used worldwide by videophiles and audiophiles. 

The ACKDAC accepts standard line-level RCA two-channel audio inputs from two different switchable sources - such as your TV and VCR (or other analog source) - and converts these inputs into a high quality, S/PDIF digital bitstream that can be fed into your digital preamp, surround sound processor, digital recorder, or digital to analog converter.  Digital output is provided in both coaxial (RCA phono) and optical (TOSLINK) digital form. 

How can the ACKDAC be used?  Two primary ways:

1.       Analog sources can be used with digital preamps/processors, such as the Sony SDP-EP9ES, that otherwise do not accept analog sources. Thus, you can hook up your TV set, VCR, satellite receiver, or other analog source to your digital preamp.

2.       You can convert your vinyl phonograph records (LP's) to digital storage media such as CD-R, CD-RW, or DAT. This allows you to take your favorite, unique or irreplaceable phono records with you in the car or use them with your portable CD player. Or you can listen to your records on CD-R with the convenience of random track access, and without causing further wear to your records.

Let's look at each of these applications a bit more.


Let's say, for example, you own the Sony SDP-EP9ES digital preamp/processor.  You know it's an excellent unit. However, its weakness is the inability to handle analog signals.  You cannot hook up a TV set, VCR, or other analog source directly to the Sony.   The Panasonic SH-AC500D decoder has this same limitation: it can decode only digital inputs, not analog sources.  The same is true of the Denon AVD-2000.

The ACKDAC solves this problem, by allowing you to send your TV or VCR analog audio signal directly through the Sony EP9ES, Panasonic SH-AC500D, or Denon AVD-2000.  The surround sound decoder then takes over and handles all the decoding and surround processing of the signal, and outputs its regular analog audio signals to your surround amplifiers.  Find out just how good TV sound can be when fed through the ACKDAC and your digital decoder. 


You have a vinyl LP record collection that you value, but it's irreplaceable because most records are no longer made. Or maybe you've gotten spoiled by the convenience of CD's, which allow instant, random access (by remote control) to the tracks you want to hear. Or, you want to listen to a favorite record in your car, on a business trip, or at the beach. Or, you're worried that constantly playing your favorite records will wear them out. You can't take your records and turntable with you, but you can use the ACKDAC to convert your favorite records to a digital bitstream that can be recorded on CD-R. The CD-R can then be played back in your compatible CD player at home, in your car, or on your portable CD player wherever you go. For this application, of course, you will need a turntable, a phono preamp that can output line level to the ACKDAC, and a compatible CD-R (in your computer or standalone) that can accept a 48 kHz, 18 bit PCM bitstream.


The ACKDAC is designed by audiophiles for audiophiles, and is made in the United States.  It uses hand selected, high quality audiophile-grade components and circuitry.  It employs a sampling rate of 48 kHz, provides 18 bit resolution from input to output, and affords more than 94db of dynamic range.  It features extremely low jitter of less than 113 db, and total harmonic distortion of .0017 percent at 1 kHz.  It uses gold plated input and output RCA phono connectors - gold plated on BOTH the outer and inner conductors, unlike many manufacturers who only gold plate the outer conductors.  It's higher quality than nearly any broadcast or recorded analog source you can feed it.  The ACKDAC is used by home theater enthusiasts worldwide, including in top-line home theater systems.  It has been reviewed by an independent lab (PCAV TECH) and rated as "excellent" in all performance parameters (see link at top of this page for full review). 

It will work with just about any digital preamp, surround sound processor, digital to analog converter, CD-R, or digital recorder, as long as the unit accepts S/PDIF digital input at 48 kHz in optical or coaxial form. Complete with UL listed external DC power supply for use with standard United States 117 volt AC.  Size is 5 x 5 1/2 x 2 inches.  Optional foreign power supply for 240 volts 50 Hz available.  Weight is one pound.

Price is $149.99 U.S., plus $8.95 shipping in the United States.  Export orders please inquire.  California residents add state sales tax.  Offered with a money back guarantee. 

All of the following is included: 

1. Free email support. If you have a question, you can get a response. 

2. Instructions for use. 

3. Gold plated RCA phono stereo inputs for two different sources, allowing switching between those two sources. 

4. Optical (TOSLINK) and coaxial (RCA gold plated phono) digital output fully compliant with S/PDIF standards. 

5.  Extremely high quality two-channel analog to digital conversion, 18 bit, 48 kHz sampling; >94 db dynamic range;  frequency response 10 Hz - 21 kHz +- 1.5db. 

6.  Outboard DC power supply plugs into standard 117 volt United States AC circuit; UL and CSA listed. 

7. A money back guarantee (less shipping).

OPTIONS:  If desired, an optional input buffer circuit can be included with the unit for an additional $40.00, which may be helpful if the unit will be used with long runs of input cable or higher impedance inputs.

You can order online now via PayPal (or credit card) by clicking the link below:

Or, you can place an order on your VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER credit card.  Call (925) 556-1681 to order by phone; you can speak to a representative or leave a voice mail message with your name, shipping address, credit card number, expiration date of card, and your address at which you receive statements from the card issuer.  Or, if you're in the United States, send an email or call with your phone number and we'll call you back to let you place a credit card order.

Or, you can mail your order, with certified check or money order (personal check will delay shipment), to:


5820 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 100 

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(925) 556-1681

We will ship promptly upon receipt. 

Send email with any questions you may have.


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